9 Benefits of Real Estate Videography

For Potential Buyers 

1. It’s the only tool available that gives potential buyers the feeling that they are viewing the property first-hand.

2. While photos are an important part of a real estate listing, only video can reveal the true flow of the home where each room is located in relation to the other and how each room is accessed.

3. Video is also a strong visual aid, allowing viewers to picture themselves in the home.

4. While some potential buyers complain that photos alone don’t represent a property accurately enough, many praise real estate videography for its ability to show the accurate sizing of rooms while showcasing features such as fireplaces and lighting that may be missed in photos.

5. Incorporating drone video into a property video is another feature that buyers and sellers alike love. Drone aerials can show the surrounding landscape, not just the home. This helps potential buyers understand the lifestyle that comes with the property.

6. Not only is real estate videography important for potential buyers, but it’s also important for sellers. Using video marketing to fuel sales can be a major deciding point for sellers looking for a real estate agent to work with.

For Realtors and Sellers

7. By utilizing property videos, potential buyers are simultaneously viewing the property online, increasing the total reach of the property for sale. Check out this example which speaks for itself.

8. As more people view the listing, the chances of finding interested buyers increases, leading to a quicker turnaround time from listing to sale.

9. While real estate agents are showing the home in-person, leads are continuously being generated online in the background thanks to videos.