1764 Jefferson Ave | Le Castellet

Morroco, Spain, and Italy…All in one place.

In the heart of South Beach, you’ll find a place almost oasis-like:

Palm View Historic District

The Palm View Historic District is a truly unique location. Everything is beautifully preserved in this historical district, doing a great job in keeping The Mission Revival Style alive.

A place where you’ll feel like you just jumped back in time!

The Mission Revival movement was most popular between 1890 and 1915. However, our protagonist today was built by Porter V. Skinner in 1922. Stunning attention to detail over its 98 years history, it is still highly admired for its uniqueness, and truly possesses an undeniable artistic value.

Everything in this gorgeous home was carefully planned and designed, so here are 13 reasons why this home is so delightful to the eye:
  1. Starting off with a luxuriant tropical garden, rimmed with palm trees that surround the courtyard with a three tiered original fountain from the 20’s. A unique native garden with exotic fruit trees designed by a landscape architect, attracts birds and several varieties of butterflies. It definitely gives this home heavenly afternoons.

2. Beautiful arched windows, distinctive of the Mission Revival, overlook the courtyard, and display a glimpse of the splendid interiors of the house.

Another notable characteristic of this house and also how this home differentiates from other houses in the historical district is that every square inch of this house has been hand-crafted.

3. A second fountain with a fish sculpture invites you through the arched entryway, with hand crafted door made of wood and decorated with a metallic medallion. You’ll also see hand crafted fittings made by Victor Steel.

4. In the garage, you’ll find arched wooden doors, decorated with hand-crafted iron details. These doors invite you to the rear courtyard, where Steel was also present- as you pass under a wrought iron chandelier he made himself.

5. 31 handcrafted impact glass windows and doors. Made with hondurian mahogany, and most of them are carefully preserved.

6. 17 individual exquisite exterior wrought iron lanterns, trellises, doors, turret stairwell, compliment the Mission Revival Style.

A fundamental part in the admirable hand crafted details this home has, would definitely be Victor Steel. A master Artisan he is. 

When identifying a Mission-Style home, some key points include: smooth stucco exteriors, overhanging eaves, a gabled tile roof, and arched entryways and windows.
And Le Castellet has it all!

8. The Florida Room, designed to reflect Morocco, is covered with ivy, and a Versace mansion medallion on the exterior. It is, indeed, beautiful.

9. Venetian gold and black tiled floors are simply show-stopping, imported from the Dominican Republic.

10. Main house has 2 terraces, with hand painted spanish tiles. The front terrace overlooks the front fountain, lovely for a morning coffee. And a sun drenched rear terrance, perfect for sun gods.

11. An Office where you can watch your guests pass beneath you on their way to Lincoln Road. The “Tropical Treehouse Office”, it’s a very special room in this home.

This “Carriage House” can serve as a guest house, or a separate house itself.

13. Last but not least: The pool area. Designed with the same detailed eye and style, It’s another outstanding place in this home. Chicago Brick driveway and pool area complimented by FL keystone trim, pool tiles that continue our main theme (Mission Revival).

The pool is in a divine and mature landscaping, and the lighting in the evening is lovely. It’s impossible not to relax in this place!

Heavenly work for a heavenly home


For our team, working in Le Castellet didn’t feel like a job at all, but a wonderful experience!

Preserved and enhanced in the most beautiful way over the years, it is clear to us that Le Castellet it’s indeed really really special.

A place so definitely enticing for those with an amazing critical and creative eye, a dream in design and style!