7 Benefits of 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate Sellers

 Visuals are important in real estate. Without something to look at, clients won't know what a property looks like. Real estate brokers and agents usually take lots of photos to attract clients and while this can also work, it's always best to maximize technology. This is where we come in. Cassanas have the tools to help with your real estate marketing. This article will talk about 3D virtual tours for real estate and why they're beneficial to realtors, brokers, sellers, and real estate companies.

1. 3D Virtual Tours Can Encourage Clients to Visit the Property

Photos and regular videos may attract some buyers to your luxury property, but they are not enough to convince them to actually see what you are offering. Although photos can look attractive, they don’t give the buyers an idea of how the property really looks. It’s an effective strategy but not enough. You need something more effective, something that can compel buyers to say, “Wow, I want to see this immediately.” You can get this response by creating 3D virtual tours for your luxury properties. 

A 3D virtual tour allows your clients to experience what it’s like to move through the property that a regular video can’t achieve. They can view the entire property without actually going there. Also, it can highlight the best aspects of your home. What’s going to happen when your clients like the 3D virtual tour? It will compel them to see it in person. You have higher chances of closing the deal when clients view the luxury property. Ensure you highlight the good things during the visit, and you know how to handle objections to get the sale.

2. An Effective Marketing Strategy

Having a strategy that works is incredibly important in real estate. A good strategy can give you more leads and close more deals. While photos can help (especially for social media), it may not always be enough. Getting a professional to help you create 3 virtual tours is the best solution. Publishing only photos to your website wouldn’t work at all. It’s not enough; if you don’t have video tours, it will be difficult to attract clients. Incorporating 3D virtual tours in your marketing strategy is the way to go. We hate to break it to you, but you don’t have a good strategy if you don’t have video tours. 

Clients can explore luxury properties with video tours. They can always go back to it whenever they want to. Make sure you contact them and ask if they’re ready for viewing. 

3. It Can Boost Engagement

Compared to images, video tours can create more engagement. This is because it can capture the best of the property, so it attracts more buyers. Expect more inquiries when posting videos than images. And the best part is it doesn’t only boost engagement, but it’s also highly effective in getting more qualified leads. 

4. You Can Post it to your Website and Social Media Platforms

Are you selling luxury properties and showing only photos on your Instagram or website? We would recommend you continue that, but you need to have video tours for your strategy to work. The good thing is — you can always share this video on all of your social media platforms, including your website. You can even email it to clients, and they can view your offering at their most convenient time

5. It’s Available 24/7

Most clients are busy with their businesses or social gatherings and may not always have the time to meet with you. With a 3D virtual tour of the real property you’re selling, clients can view it at their most convenient time. Do make sure to follow up with them and schedule an appointment to address other concerns. 

The video is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So long as they have an internet connection, your clients can view the video. 

You can also give them something to download so they won’t need to be connected to the internet to view the video. 

6. Cut Costs

Driving to meet potential clients and showing the properties to them may cost you more. And you’re not even sure if the client will be interested in buying. A 3D virtual tour eliminates the hassle of driving back and forth to meet clients and showing properties. Imagine how much money you get to save on gas. 

It’s also a real time-saver. You can quickly email them a copy of the 3D virtual tour and then follow up with them if they’re interested. All you need is one video per luxury property, and you can send it to all of your clients, saving you time and money. 

You don’t even need technical skills to do the video, as we can do that for you. We can create videos that will let potential clients see an in-depth view of your entire property.

7. Stand Out from the Crowd

Because videos provide a realistic experience, your video will stand out from the crowd. Trust us — clients are more likely to view videos than photos on Instagram. When it comes to luxury properties, images wouldn’t be enough. Give your clients something better — a 3D virtual tour of your property. It’s a surefire way to convince them to give you a call and set up a viewing. 

Invest in a Marketing Strategy that Actually Works

Cassanas is a creative agency that helps real estate sellers produce high-quality photography and videography. Video tours are mostly done for luxury properties, and we can definitely help you create an attractive video that will attract and engage potential clients. 
Our team of experts knows how to truly capture perfect angles, giving your clients an in-depth and intimate view of your homes. At Cassanas, we take pride in our commitment and skill to bring out the best in your properties. If you're eager to find more buyers, contact us right away so we can get started producing professional and high-quality 3D tours for your homes.