Luxury Real Estate Photography: Does it really helps you to sell faster?

Absolutely Yes! Here you can find 5 reasons why investing in luxury real estate photography can secure a sale.

luxury real estate photography

This technique captures spaces of a house through composition, angles, lighting, and post-production edits, to obtain the best possible results to grab buyers’ attention.

Quality is a factor of utmost importance today!

We live in a world surrounded by high-end technology where we are used to high-resolution images. In addition to this, the competitive market requires twice the creativity to stand out from the multitude of existing offers.

1. Proven Faster and higher-priced sales.

A study conducted by IMOTO indicated that high-quality professional photography positively impacts the sale price of a property, thus achieving that a house sells 50% faster and 39% closer to the original sale price with respect to other similar listings in the same zip code using amateur photography. Another study conducted by Redfin revealed a faster sale for houses photographed by professionals, the estimated average closing of a sale is between the first days of publication to almost a month.

2. Improve your brand and increase your value as a real estate agent.

The first thing a potential buyer sees is the photographs, both interior and exterior. What do those photos say about you, your brand and the property? Professional, thoughtful, sophisticated, reliable, welcoming, luxurious…? Your property and brand should look as unique as it is.

Investing in a professional luxury photography service will make your sales job easier, help you get more information requests and better locate the client in terms of what you are offering.

3. Grab the buyer’s attention in seconds.

First impressions matter! Generating a positive impact in the first 20 seconds is crucial to capture the largest number of requests for information on the web, so you should ask yourself the following question: “Does your property stand out from the rest?”.

The wall street journal ensures that an Ad without photos has 2 seconds to capture the buyer’s attention, with photos you have 20 seconds, which is a wide difference of 18 seconds in your favor. Additionally, 95% of potential buyers look at the photos first, before the property description.

4. Technique makes the difference

It is very important to talk about the way in which the photographs are taken, the angles, the meeting … everything has to generate a perfect composition, always with the vision of attracting the attention of the public and differentiating itself from the competition.

There are a variety of styles when taking real estate photography, but the most popular in the high-end market is the flambient method that combines: HDR (high dynamic range photography) and artificial lighting by means of flash; This will give you a luxurious, polished and vibrant result for your images. Per scene, 6 to 10 images with different exposures are used to achieve that unique feeling in each photo.

The photo editing process is the final touch that will make each image a true work of art. Each layer of photography must be treated with special care and a critical eye, there must not be any damage that distracts the vision from what is really important. That is why we recommend hiring professionals in the field who can support you at this stage of the property sale process.

5. Details do matter.

Experienced real estate photographers pay extreme attention to surrounding details to create a powerful image that conveys warmth. Each scene and angle photographed should have the objective of attracting the attention of customers to receive as many requests for information as possible.

Likewise, with photography we want to bring each client closer to knowing their next home before the visit and to make a good first impression; everything must be perfect, neat and clean. You should be able to appreciate details in textures, marble, wood, fabrics and colors exactly as they are seen in reality. Everything matters!

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