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Who you hire to photograph your listings is often seen as a professional reflection on you to the homeowners and property managers.

When you choose to work with Cassanas, you can expect nothing but absolute professionalism – punctual, friendly, organized, proactive communication, and kind. 

You’re welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as you like in the shoot. We are very self-sufficient, but also welcome your input at all stages of the shoot. Talk to any of our clients and they will tell you that we are always on the go, whether it’s planning, staging, shooting, lighting, cleaning, or helping to close everything up. You can count on us to invest everything we have into your projects to ensure the best results and experience possible. 

Is There a Difference Between HDR and HDR-LUX?

Standing out in the Real Estate Industry it’s not always an easy task. With an immense sea of competition, you can get easily overlooked. But there is one thing that will surely help you have the spotlight: Having great Real Estate Photography to show off.  In Cassanas, we create these amazing real estate photographs using..