Is There a Difference Between HDR and HDR-LUX?

Standing out in the Real Estate Industry it’s not always an easy task. With an immense sea of competition, you can get easily overlooked. But there is one thing that will surely help you have the spotlight: Having great Real Estate Photography to show off.  In Cassanas, we create these amazing real estate photographs using two techniques HDR and HDR-LUX.

Because each technique is different, they can be used for specific types of homes, depending on the spaces, light, colors…Well, the list goes on.

Now, we know photography can get very techy sometimes, that’s why we prepared this article- We will explain the differences between our two photography techniques, and we will teach you to choose the best technique to take your listing to the next level!

HDR Photography

Let’s start with the basics, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This technique is pretty much the go-to in Real Estate Photography. 

That’s because HDR photos take less time both to capture and edit, and the result is a normal HQ image. So it’s perfect for simple buildings, apartments and homes, or places without any furniture/decoration.

  • The High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique is the most used as it is able to mimic really well the way our human eye sees.

At the most basic level, an HDR photo is really just two or three (or sometimes five) unedited photos taken at different exposure levels and then mashed together with software to create the final picture.

HDR-LUX Photography

HDR-LUX is a technique adopted and enhanced by Cassanas. This technique is the most used among Luxury Real Estate Agents.

Our photographic approach combines the best of flash (artificial light)  and the natural lighting of each space, creating a more polished and vibrant look for your images. Each photo is carefully edited in more than 10 layers (pictures) and takes up to 1 hour or 30 minutes more time to get the final look.

This technique is perfect for high-end luxurious properties, as it will give the home a sense of editorial uniqueness and style.


Below is an example of the same picture edited with both techniques, are you able to see the difference? 

See the lights, the backgrounds, even the floor…

Check out our Cassanas portfolio and take a closer look to the final results.

At first sight, it may be obvious why the HDR-LUX technique is superior. But the truth is that both techniques have proven to be outstanding in their own way. The rest really depends on the type of home and the approach you want your photos to have.

So, it’s time to shoot your next listing and you find yourself stuck on which technique you want to go with. 

You might want to consider a few of these things:

When should you choose HDR?

  • If you’re not a big fan of waiting, you might want to go with HDR as it has a faster delivery time. Usually you have a 1 day turnaround with HDR (of course, always keep in mind the amount of photos you’re buying)
  • HDR also goes better with unfurnished properties, simple buildings/neighborhoods. So if your listing isn’t really a luxurious one, you can still give it a HQ showcase using HDR.
  • It’s perfect to stay within budget

When should you choose HDR-LUX?

  • It works best for high-end luxurious listings. The best selling points of the house will basically showcase themselves!
  • HDR-LUX is the perfect definition of Quality over Quantity. The work, time and professionalism that this technique takes is extensive. Its cost is higher than HDR, but the quality it offers is solid-gold.
  • When you want to go for that extra mile with your listing, with HDR-LUX you will get there

So now you know! We hope this article helped you understand our techniques better😊

If you’ve used either/ or both techniques before- Which one is your go-to for your listings? Why? Let us know in the comments below!