Hey Miami, elevate your brand with Cassanas

Miami Real Estate is one of the hottest markets in the world, and Cassanas brings a new unique approach to match the level of artistry in your photos to the luxury your home offers. 

How does our approach differ?

Crafted Real Estate Imagery

Luxury real estate photography and videography has to be a step above standard with every detail of its creation.

Carefully designed images:

We dedicate up to one hour to the planning and shooting of each photo, and up to one additional hour to the post-production of each photo. This level of attention translates into sharper, punchier images that will attract sophisticated, high-end buyers

Key elements of Cassanas Shooting process:

  1. Location scouting
  2. Staging
  3. Art direction
  4. Finding the right angles
  5. Creating compelling compositions
  6. Strategic lighting
  7. Detailed post-production

Advanced Lighting Technique

While many real estate photographers use a quick method called HDR (High Dynamic Range Photography) this sometimes results in a grungy, and unrealistic look for your real estate property photos.. 

Cassanas’ approach combines the best of flash and natural lighting to create a polished and vibrant look for your real estate images. Many photos will actually be a Photoshop combination of anywhere from 5-30 separate photos. This allows us to take the best lighting for each part of the space and seamlessly blend them together. 

to produce these compelling and polished images. 

Dealing with the Details

We’re experienced in looking for these details that add up to create a powerful image. Whether it’s fluffing pillows, spacing the dining table chairs evenly, testing potential compositions, or even rearranging furniture, we go the extra mile to perfect each scene.

Intrepid work ethic and professionalism

Who you hire to photograph your listings is often seen as a professional reflection on you to the homeowners and property managers.

When you choose to work with Cassanas, you can expect nothing but absolute professionalism – punctual, friendly, organized, proactive communication, and kind. 

You’re welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as you like in the shoot. We are very self-sufficient, but also welcome your input at all stages of the shoot. Talk to any of our clients and they will tell you that we are always on the go, whether it’s planning, staging, shooting, lighting, cleaning, or helping to close everything up. You can count on us to invest everything we have into your projects to ensure the best results and experience possible.